About My Man - Short film

About my Man - A Film by Ana Bilic, Poster
About my Man – A Film by Ana Bilic, Poster
About My Man (O Mojem Mužu) – Short film
Length: 08:55 minutes
Director, writer and performance: Ana Bilić
Music composer, editor and cinematographer: Danilo Wimmer
By means of a monologue, the woman tries to comprehend why her husband was poisoned. However, this approach is but a facade for the audience. In the course of the story it can be sensed that she played a significant part in the poisoning. Thus it was not by coincidence that she had taken her children to her mother’s place that day, that she had cooked her husband’s beloved chili for him and waited what would happen after he ate that chili.


About my Man - A Film by Ana Bilic
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FESTIVALS: Lady’s First International Film Festival 2017 – Official Selection

About My Man (O mojem mužu) – short film trailer by Ana Bilic from Ana Bilic & Danilo Wimmer on Vimeo.
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